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Transfer Case StudiesDiagnosing GM's 4WD System.

Below you will find a detailed parts list for the NV246 Transfer Case that includes complete rebuilt Transfer Cases, bearing rebuild kits, seals, bushings, washers and bushings, individual bearings, forks, range hub and planets, cases, shafts, chain, sprockets and small parts.If you need more information or cannot find the parts you need give us a call, if you would like to save money, ask. 20/12/32 · NVG-246 Transfer Case Oil Change Discussion in 'Lubrication & Maintenance' started by Bigredmariner, Jan 15, 2010. Jan 15, 2010 at 1:19 AM 1. Bigredmariner. My Transfer Case is a New Process Gear 246. You can locate the tag on the rear of the case to determine what you have. We looked at two GM K 1500 trucks that have the NVG 246 two-speed transfer case. One is a 1999 model, the other a 2000. Both use the same controls and happen to have stored the same DTC. The basic system consists of a transfer case motor and encoder, front differential actuator, transfer case module, speed sensors, switches and park input and.

The NP246 Transfer Case New Process 246 saw a production run largely in the early-mid 2000s for GM trucks, and the late 2000s for Dodge Ram. These units are very similar to the NP243 Transfer Case. RANDYS selection of Zumbrota remanufactured transfer cases includes options for multiple engine and transmission types in GM vehicles, including. NP246 Transfer Case Parts. If you've been experiencing difficulties with your NP246 transfer case, know that you're not alone. A design flaw in the 246 GM transfer case causes the pump to wear the case out, leading to leakage and eventual failure. Transfer Case - NVG 246-NP8 Transfer Case Control Schematics. Fig. Power, Ground and Transfer Case Encoder Motorc 2004 Fig. Propshaft Speed Sensors and Front Axle Actuatorc 2004 Fig. Switch Controls and Class 2 Serial Datac 2004 Transfer Case - NVG 246-NP8 Two Speed Automatic. 06/07/31 · I have the NVG 246 on my '08 and it is ready for some fresh fluid. Manual says "NVG Automatic Transmission Fluid or equivalent". Please tell me ATF4 is an equivalent. If not what is? 08/02/30 · My 1999 Silverado 1500 4WD with a model 246 Transfer Case. When I stop, transmission in drive, foot on the brake, push "4 High" button, pretty good 'clunk' noise thump in drivetrain, let foot off the brake, truck sits still on snow or gravel, have to push accelerator pedal to get it to move, fairly loud whining noise from truck similar to other trucks sound I've heard in 4WD low.

03/03/41 · Buy GM New Process 246 Transfer Case Rebuild Kit 1998-Up NP246 With Pump and Clutch: Transfer Case Components -FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases. Access to datastream information for GM’s NVG 246 system makes most problems simple to locate and diagnose, as our case studies demonstrate. These systems also allow bidirectional control for many outputs. The encoder motor arrow is mounted on the front of. 28/12/32 · A step by step video showing how I diagnosed, removed and partially tore down a damaged GM 246 NP246 transfer case on a Chev 2000 Suburban 4X4 with the 4L60-E. 21/08/34 · An over view of this NP246 transfer case dismantle from my 2000 Chevy Tahoe.tools. parts.homemade transfer case stand / HOW TO REBUILD A NP246 TRANSFER CASE.

NP 246 Transfer Cases RANDYS Worldwide.

18/08/25 · On 11/2/2019 at 5:03 PM, Banks said: We can ship you one whenever you are ready. Just need your Name and address. We Launched that site to let people know it was coming and to get on our list so we could ship when we had a complete stock. I have installed demos on. The NVG 226 requires no clutch shimming. the transfer case control module controls for the wear of the clutch and different clutch torque levels. The software learns adapt ready positions, which are for the correct clutch torque. The learned adapt ready positions vary as the unit wears over its life. 2WD. The power flow from the transmission to. NP 246 Transfercase, NP-246 Transfer Case, NV246 Transfercases, New Venture 246, New Process 246, 246GM Transfercase, 246GM Transfer Case, Monster Transfercases, Omega Transfercases - While the NP246 case may seem identical to its previous model, the.

16/09/34 · My manual says GM 12378580 and Amsoil site says "No AMSOIL Product Recommendation" and it looks like I might have the Transfer Case,NVG 246-NP8.SLF/ based on the GM lube part number I've been doing lots of reading, here and the internet and now I think I'm more confused. New Venture Gear, a division of Magna Powertrain, was an automobile and light truck transmission company that was started in 1990 as the first ever joint venture between any of the Big Three US automakers. General Motors and Chrysler Corporation were the participants. Operation and management of Chrysler's New Process Gear Syracuse, New York, plant and GM's underutilized Muncie, Indiana. 01/07/30 · in my 2001 tahoe lt? it gives me 2 options in the chiltons manual. -gm auto trak 2 transfer case fluid if i have the new venture 236 or 246 np8 case -or dexron 3 atf for all others. how do i know which transfer case i have? also if i do use dexron 3 atf. didn't they stop making it and i. 09/11/36 · Buy Transparts Warehouse BK351 GM Chevy NP246 transfer case rebuild Kit: Rebuild Kits -FREE DELIVERY possible on eligible purchases.

AutoZone Repair Guide for your Wiring Diagrams S/t Truck Transfer Case - Nvg 236/246-np8 two Speed Automatic. NVG 246 Automatic Transfer Case Only Mopar PN 05179014AA, NVG 246 Automatic Transmission Fluid or equivalent. Manual Transmission Fluid G238 Mopar Manual Transmission Fluid Clutch Linkage Multipurpose Grease, NLGI Grade 2 E.P. or equivalent. 1500 Model Front Axle 4x4 GL. Rhino Mount will accept any night vision device or adapter with a standard bayonet interface. Auto shut-off feature that will turn off the night vision device when it is flipped up over the helmet so the lit-up green glow from the eye piece lens does not show down-range. 22/06/37 · I have a 2005, K2500 Suburban with the NP246 transfer case. This is RPO NP8 on the build sheet. The shop manual refers to this transfer case as NVG 246 - NP8. Does anyone have experience fixing the leak created when the internal oil pump rubs a hole in. 2012 3-Location to Serve You A & Reds Transmission Parts 3737 West 29th South Wichita, KS 67217 local 316-942-5300 fax: 316-942-8947 toll 800-835-1007.

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